Nature & Bliss partners with many projects to boost the magnitude of our impact. Check out the projects we are currently part of.

Growing Space 

Growing Space transforms urban green spaces into edible teaching gardens for nearby schools and the community.

Nature & Bliss was founded in 2019 to support the delivery of high-quality outdoor education, holiday clubs, and after-school clubs, as well as foster relationships with partner schools and other outdoor educators. Some examples of our activities are:
● Green Planet workshops following the FLOW approach
● Healthy Food & Veggies workshops with Natasha Gavin from I Know Why It's Yum Mum
● Nature Architects in partnership with School for Creative.

The Flow Approach® 

We are very excited to be launching a new programme soon! With a focus on how to handle environmental challenges and what sustainability entails, The Flow Approach will support thousands of children, teachers, and parents through simple, hands-on methods.