Outdoor Education

Outdoor education

We promote environmental and experiential education conducted outdoors. We believe in the philosophy that when education becomes experience-based, the results are everlasting. We take you out into nature, so you can enjoy all that nature has to offer.


Nature & Bliss

calls you to

experience the nature

Outdoor Clubs

  • Learn about nature through woodland adventure and gardening activities. 
  • Improve your wellbeing with mindfulness with our yoga classes.
  • Bring the whole family, get muddy, and enjoy!


Outdoor Workshops

  • Embrace your creative spirit with our nature art workshops.
  • Learn how to create and narrate stories with our storytelling & storymaking workshops.
  • Work on edible garden creations and have fun.

Outdoor Adult Workshops

Why let kids have all the fun? Join other grown-ups during our storymaking workshops, outdoor cooking classes, and much more.