About us




About us

Nature & Bliss is a Social and Education enterprise, offering specialized and various outdoor learning educational services and by creating edible teaching gardens with Growing Space

Our Mission

Our mission is to spread the love for nature. We envisions to create the awareness for the nature protection by growing love for the nature. We educate both kids and grownups how to explore the magic of nature. And we always believe that the nature doesn't need us - Its we need the nature!

Our values

We strive to find the eternal mindfulness from knowing the nature. We are working towards building a bond between the nature and human by letting them to dwell deep into the nature. We are counting us responsible for protection of nature and it's creations.

What we do

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About the founder

Pascale Rochefeuille
Founder and Director

Pascale is the Founder and Director of Nature & Bliss. She is a certified Forest School leader and Early Years Montessori educator. Pascale is also the Environmental Coordinator (EC) and manager of our Growing Space gardens and Sleep Baby Bliss. While overseeing the Growing Space gardens throughout the year, she also helps the Growing Space partner schools with curriculum, timetable and maintenance of the garden. She is responsible for activities and workshops during school holidays and weekends. Pascale is a nature and gardening advocate. She is passionate about sustainability, environmental education & children.