Volunteering opportunities

We have been providing volunteering opportunities for students and adults making them a part of our events. The success of our projects heavily a result of the efficiency of our trained volunteers. We maintain a mutually benefitting relationship with our volunteers  offering volunteering opportunities in our gardens for any bronze, silver or gold DoE Award.

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Volunteering for 13+

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Volunteering for 18+

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Volunteering for students

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See what our participants think about the volunteering programs


"Volunteering at Growing Space has been such a wonderful and inspiring experience. I thoroughly enjoy tending to the plants and helping out during holiday activities. The community is so welcoming and I have learnt so much about gardening from them. From tending to plants to fixing wiring, there is something here for everyone. I especially liked the Halloween workshop, where we carved pumpkins with fun designs. Every week I look forward to coming to the garden and enjoy watching the garden transform week-by-week. "

16, Duke of Edinburgh Volunteer